Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Beginning

Tainting my mind
Leave me lost in confusion
Thinking of you
It's time that I'm losing
And I'd lose & lose & lose it again

Because baby you ARE my man

I don't care how many times I say it
Because I'll say it again
You are much more than my friend
You're my black

Our future is confusing
But with you I'm curious
And although crazy you're amusing
So with you I'll take a chance

Don't disappoint me

Friday, January 1, 2010


As the world flutters away
Your eyes wander back and forth
Can you feel me?
Is every vein in your body crying my name?
Is it so strong that even when heaven and earth collide
I'm still here?
As the seconds move on
My heart beat lingers
Just one beat will revive me
As the Heaven and hell meet
Our love will rise from ashes
As it alligns with God
I know you will find me
Because our love is extraordinary
Our souls are unconquerable
And as we unite
The world itself will begin to fade
Fading away through all eternity
Me and you
We are invincible

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


How do I love you?
Like sweet memories of hip-hop
and penny candies
Or do I love you like stars,
Filling every crevice of eternity?

Do I love you like green, or like red,
Or royal blues?
Like love that is new
Or like pain?

Maybe like hop- scotch and vanilla
ice cream
Like tennis shoes
Or do I love you like Christmas
morning and summer time?

Do I love you like us and we
Like certainty
Like simplicity
Like art and spirituality

How do I love you?

I love you like poetry
Like singing my favorite song in
the shower
Like clear skies, 83 degrees
Like yellow.
- Sade' Miller

Monday, December 21, 2009

Russian Roulette

Desecration of my body
Murder of my untamed soul
That seems like all you can do to survive these streets I call home
It's a game of Russian Roulette
Click click, bang bang
Either you get the bullet or you don't
The casket is exhumed, turfs piled beside the grave
This city called Paterson nothing more than a drug within itself
The fumes are penetrating,
I vomit...
I initiate eager exhuming despite bad scents
I dig up cold earth, exhumed turfs I disperse
Death is uncalled for but it is highly expected
Live for tomorrow
Click, click, I pull the trigger..
Damn, it's not my turn yet
Cuts and burns on my flesh
Hurting myself until that precious moment
This place is intoxicating with death and poison
Eviscerated and torn I rip into the foul offal
With rot and bacteria then stench I'm eager to end this
I regurgitate the cutlets a culinary as sick as can be
Life is found once again yet stillborn diminished to be
Puke and vomit i regurgitate
Death and rot a smile open a demented face phenomenological styled
Click Click.....damn again not this time
My patience grows thinner each time around
Click click.....Boom....yes.....finally lucky round number 7
Disgust and rot fills the open casket
My satisfaction is reached
Murder on my untamed soul
I got the bullet in this game
These streets I live
This hell that I call home
It is my addiction
My grave
Where I rest in peace

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



More Than The Meaning That Brings Us Together.

Hips Swaying To The Sound Of A Smooth Rhythm.

Thighs Eyes And Sides , What’s Yours Is Mine.

Fighting Our Way To The Top Above And Beyond.


Looking In The Mirror I See You, I See Me.

Growing And Growing From Mistakes We’ve Made.

Rays From The Sun Stretch Across Your Face.

And From It I See Beauty.


More Than Any Boys Girl.

We , You You And Me, We Are Women.

Mothers Of Tomorrow And Leaders Of Today.

Determined To Do What It Takes.


Laughter And Tears Lay Upon Your Face.

I Am You , You Are Me.

Every Step You Take I Take The Same.

Umoja, Unity Is Us.

Sisters, I Love You.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facing the Pain

When life hits us
We tend to hide
We close our eyes
And come to senses with our pain
But what happens when we're in denial
That we know deep inside
We are capable of defeating this pain
Knowing that one day our day will come
When the sun shines
And our heads aren't bowed
Or when you face the truth
Hiding is the last thing
You ever think about...

Monday, December 14, 2009

When We

Love naked and free
With eyes running like silks
To breast and thighs
Exploring my birth
Because it is natural for we
Who are sensual and swollen with love.
I love..
Like daisies and honey bees
Ignorant to the lies that men tell
Because we are blessed and contented
In Rhapsody
When we. Simply. Breathe

- Sade' Miller